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The collection explores the sentimental attachment Callender has for memories that are not her own, and times through which she did not live, as preserved in physical objects. Particular focus is placed on her parents and their early lives in the 70’s and 80’s as documented by photographs, clothes, records and other collections found in the family home.


While the physical documentation of these times remain unchanged, conversations with family have proven the attached memories to be anything but. Malleable textile manipulation disrupt both silhouettes and prints to represent the nature of memory, how they can be rendered false or indistinct with the distorting effect of time.

Due to the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak on production, the collection will be seen to evolve and develop further in the coming months.

Central Saint Martins: Stories

By Teleri Lloyd-Jones, 23 June 2020

"Flicking through family photograph albums, the images imprint on our minds creating a familiarity to a place and time where we were not. We hear the stories of what we see. We were never there but now feel as though, perhaps, we were."

© 2020 Rachel Callender